ActiveCare Chiropractic
Welcome to the ActiveCare website, finally updated after our move down the road to Lakewood after being located in Golden since 2000.  I apologize to patients old and new who have been kind enough to remind me that we moved in 2012 and the update is long overdue.  My only excuse is that Lori (my right hand) and I have been working so hard in the business I haven’t had much time to work on the business.  We appreciate those of you who followed us and who have trusted us enough to send friends & family in for care.
Dr Ken Sheridan
Dr. Ken has a practical approach to getting you back to your favorite activities.  He will evaluate and discuss your treatment plan fully  Link to full professional bio ​​​ here
About Us
The office couldnt run without Lori!  She will do therapy, answer any questions you have about your treatment and schedule your appointments.
ActiveCare is a small sports medicine clinic providing personalized care for musculoskeletal injuries.  Our approach is based on the concept that we are physicians, from the Latin for teacher.  We take a thorough look at your condition, educate you about your problem, and discuss your treatment options and what you can expect.  ActiveCare draws its name from the concept that educating patients enables them to take a more active role in their recovery, and learn lifestyle factors to prevent future recurrence.

We offer a variety of services based on what you need, whether to recover from an acute injury or to help you complete a marathon, triathlon, or make it through a walking vacation.  Our goal is simply to help people stay active.
Bones is our friendly therapy dog.  He hangs out at the office most days and is always ready for a game of tug!