Conditions Treated
  1. Injury/Surgery Rehab
    Injury/Surgery Rehab
    Post Surgical Rehabilitation Scar Tissue Release Carpal Tunnel/Wrist Pain
  2. Sports Injury
    Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Dysfunction Tennis/Little League/Golfer’s Elbow Ankle Sprains Runner's Knee Planter Facitis Ankle Sprains
  3. General Pain
    Spine Pain: Acute and Chronic Headaches TMJ Dysfunction Rib Cage Pain Hip Pain Foot Pain
Treatment is based on correcting the biomechanical faults that contributed to the injury, and the current phase of the injury (acute, subacute, chronic).  This dictates the techniques to employ and where to direct treatment.

For example, Runner’s Knee is caused by a tracking problem of the knee cap, for which we can employ soft tissue release techniques directed at the knee to improve tracking.  However, while removing the local knee symptoms will reduce the patient’s pain, the long term fix must involve strengthening the hip muscles which usually lead to the tracking problem in the first place.
Services Offered
  1. Dry Needle Acupuncture
  2. Traditional Acupuncture
  3. Chiropractic Manipulation
  4. Activator/Arthrostim
  5. Flexion-Distraction Traction
  6. Drop Technique
  7. FAKTR Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
  8. Exercise Therapy
  9. Orthotics: custom & non-custom
  10. Ergonimic Evaluation
  11. Lifestyle Coaching: as it relates to your condition.
  12. Massage is also available on site.